Enter The True Citrus – Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be True Sweepstakes!

Enter The True Citrus – Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be True Sweepstakes for a chance to win some amazing prizes including the GRAND PRIZE of $10,000!!!!!! 😲

Ok, so, due to recent health issues, Clay and I have recently embarked on the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) way of eating. This isn’t a diet. It’s an eating lifestyle, meaning we choose to eat in a way that will make us healthy, first, while also allowing us to lose weight, and will do so from now on. To accomplish this, we separate the fuels in our meals. If we have fats in a meal, then we limit the amount of healthy carbs. If we have more healthy carbs in a meal, then we limit the amount of fats. Once we are at goal weight, we will shift the way we eat on THM, to include crossover meals of both fats and healthy carbs, to maintain that goal weight.

This plan only eliminates sugar, white flour, white rice and limited amounts of white potatoes. I’ve switched to a stevia/erythritol blend to sweeten things but sometimes I want a little extra flavor. We do still have minimal amounts of sugar, like, 1 gram or less per serving. This means, that we can sweeten our tea or water with True Citrus packets because, they are sweetened with stevia but do contain a small amount of cane sugar! I LOVE the lemonades and limeades!!! AND True Citrus is available in lemon and lime that is JUST crystallized lemon or lime with NO added sugar or additives.Β So if I’m out, I can add lemon to my tea and know that it is ONLY lemon! WOOT! WOOT!

True Citrus Lemonade Packets

It’s not always possible to completely eliminate sugar from a diet unless you make every single thing from scratch! I’m what THM calls a “Drive Thru Sue”. I like the convenience ofΒ  store-bought dressings and flavorings. But I choose ones that have minimal impact on my blood sugar and have as little sugar as possible. And no other junk additives.

True Citrus gives me that so I can be on plan, travel and still have easy-to-carry options for sweetening and flavoring things up while on the go!

With all that said, I’d like to share with you a fantastic sweepstakes. I really hope on of my readers wins!!!!

The #HealthyHappyTrue Sweepstakes

True Citrus - The #HealthyHappyTrue Sweepstakes

The #HealthyHappyTrue Sweepstakes was created by True Citrus to celebrate how people live their healthiest, happiest and truest life possible.

Entering provides the chance to win a grand prize including a $10,000 cash prize, a Vitamix Professional Series Blender ($600 value), Fitbit watch ($200 value), a True Lemon thermal water bottle and a sampling of all True Citrus products.

To enter the sweepstakes and for details on how to increase chances of winning, visit www.truelemon.com/be-healthy-be-happy-be-true-sweepstakes through June 15.

ENTER HERE: https://www.truelemon.com/be-healthy-be-happy-be-true-sweepstakes/

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What are your favorite varietiesΒ of True Citrus?

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