What Is The Difference Between Normal Jewellery And Antique Jewellery?

Antique jewellery stands out as a term for defining jewellery pieces over 100 years old. Under these jewellery pieces, you will come across unique and extraordinary designs and styles, which you will not find in modern-day jewellery pieces.

But the normal or modern-day jewellery is not like the antique ones. Many designers create these jewellery pieces to make them timeless but modern enough to feel and look new.

Whether you want to buy antique watches from Kalmar Antiques or just normal jewellery pieces from a well-known store, you should know the difference between them. Let’s find out more from this post.

Normal vs Antique Jewellery: The Definition!

Before you get to the main part, you should know about normal and antique jewellery. Here is a brief definition of both of them:

  1. Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery stands out as stunning, beautiful and eye-catching jewellery pieces. Some carry plenty of detailing, and others are decorated with small and big gemstones. Jewellery pieces made during the 1910s or 1930s are categorised as antique jewellery.

Furthermore, these jewellery pieces come in many different styles, and it’s because the word “antique” covers many other eras. You will find antique jewellery pieces from Victorian, Art Nouveau and even the Art Décor era.

  1. Normal Jewellery 

Normal or modern jewellery is mostly made from precious metals, without or with precious stones. These types of jewellery offer a refreshed version of traditional jewellery. You will find them made more agreeable to the picks of the present times.

Normal jewellery carries an identity, which makes it popular in the world of inventively fashioned old-style jewellery and high-street jewellery. Makers of normal jewellery must take up proper training and a liberal outlook about personalised jewellery.

Normal and Antique Jewellery: The Difference!

When you buy watches from Kalmar Antiques, you will find a massive difference when you compare them with normal or modern-day watches. This is also the same for antique and normal jewellery. Now, let’s find out what makes them different from each other:

  • The Price 

These days, the mass production of jewellery has made it easier to produce them quickly and effectively. But that does not mean that the newly created pieces carry a lower price tag. The profit that can be made through the sale will increase greatly.

But you will find a massive difference between the price of modern and antique jewellery. It’s primarily because the antique ones are a lot more costly than their modern counterparts, and you can effortlessly purchase them from a dependable jewellery store.

  • The Style 

Normal jewellery gets made for the mass market, but in the past, this was not the case. Some of the jewellery pieces were commissioned by people who had exacting specifications from all those craftsmen who worked hard on one single piece of jewellery for several months.

The creation and designing method involved methods that were unique to a region. Skilled and experienced appraisers can easily identify the jewellery-making methods utilised during a certain era to make sure that there are no jewellery pieces that carry the same style.

This means when you’re planning to purchase antique jewellery, you can choose from a diverse range of styles. You will find a jewellery piece that will speak to you on a personal level.

  • The Durability

When purchasing antique jewellery, many people have one small concern, and it’s the durability of the jewellery piece.

It’s because these old-world jewellery pieces have experienced plenty of damage in their lifetime and might not be that solid compared to normal jewellery. This is not at all true.

Modern-day jewellery is made in a way that makes them pretty indestructible. But many jewellers don’t make most of the normal jewellery by keeping this in mind. This means that the jewellers show no interest in the long-term survival of these jewellery pieces.

But it’s a completely different story when taking care of jewellery pieces made centuries ago, and you cannot replace such pieces.

Antique jewellery has survived for a long time. It’s because the successive generations of the same family that owned them properly cared for and maintained them. Due to such reasons, the antique pieces obtained more significance and were treated with respect and reverence.

Last Note

You will find people wearing antique and normal jewellery pieces on various occasions and events. But both of them are pretty different from one another when it comes to price, durability, style, and materials.

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