DIY Valentine’s Made Easy – A Guide for Busy Moms

If you’ve got a hectic family life to oversee, then preparing for Valentine’s Day might be the last thing on your mind.

It’s not just finding the time to shop for gifts, but choosing something that’s both meaningful and affordable, without giving up and getting a generic token of your affections to give your partner when February 14 rolls around again.

There are a few ways to avoid this if you embrace a DIY ethos, so here are some tips on what overstretched moms can do to make the most of this romantic occasion.

DIY Valentines Made Easy
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Get the kids involved with making a Valentine’s card

There are lots of activities that will keep kids occupied, and crafting is one of the top options for parents who want to fill some time and also encourage their little ones to explore their creative sides.

Making Valentine’s cards is a great seasonal option, and you can combine this with your own efforts to put together a bespoke card for your partner, which is a real time-saver. You could even create a joint card to show how much you all appreciate what they do for the family!

To make a basic card, all you need is a piece of colorful card and pens, pencils and crayons. You can go a step further by raiding your craft supplies to find glue, glitter, stencils and scissors.

Put together a photo book

Another great pre-Valentine’s activity that you can do solo or with the kids is making a physical album of your cherished digital snaps courtesy of a photo book company like Mixbook.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate cherished memories, whether of you as a couple or of the whole family. Perhaps you’ll select photos that chart your relationship over the years. Perhaps you’ll focus on pics that come from previous Valentine’s Day celebrations you’ve had. Perhaps the children’s growth, development and exploits will be center stage.

Whatever the case, there’s nothing more meaningful as a gift on Valentine’s than a photo book that you’ve curated personally.

Use language as a tool for romance & learning

If you’d rather not end up knee-deep in craft supplies and have to tidy everything away afterwards, then writing a Valentine’s gift in the form of a poem, or even a song, is an intriguing option.

This is also an opportunity to get the kids into the concept of literary expression, and perhaps put them on the path to becoming the next Shakespeare.

You could even combine writing and crafting by copying out your favorite love poems or lyrics and decorating them together.

Develop culinary skills to wow your loved one

If your children are old enough to help in the kitchen, then why not top off your DIY Valentine’s Day by getting them to assist you with the preparation of a special meal?

They’ll be less interested in this activity if the meal isn’t actually for them, so it’s worth making enough for the little ones to enjoy as well, even if they’ll be eating a lot earlier than you and your partner.

It’s useful to teach them cooking skills at an early age, because these will serve them well throughout their lives, and hanging the experience around an event like Valentine’s Day gives it more purpose.

Final thoughts

Most importantly, don’t get too stressed about making everything perfect when Valentine’s Day draws close. Go easy on yourself and remember that how you treat your partner is more significant than what you give them, which is why DIY gifts are so appealing.

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