Evidence-Based Health Benefits When You Use Magnesium Chelate

The human body needs sufficient levels of magnesium to help serve many functions that involve over 300 enzyme reactions. It helps provide muscle and nerve function, gives support to the immune system, and regulates blood pressure. According to a recent study, magnesium deficiency is the leading cause of individuals suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The research also reveals that most cases of deficiency in magnesium are undiagnosed.

Each individual has their daily recommended dosage of magnesium depending on your age category. An adult body needs 320 to 420 mg of magnesium per day. However, due to the availability of refined and processed foods, magnesium contents found in food crops are decreasing.  For your minimal magnesium intake, you can order magnesium chelate online.

Magnesium Chelate
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What is Magnesium Chelate

An ordinary magnesium supplement is not fully absorbed in your bloodstream. But if magnesium pairs with chelate, a type of amino acid, your body absorbs more of the mineral. It provides superior bio-availability allowing the body to utilize the nutrients properly. If you wish to avoid muscle weakness, poor cardiovascular health, or frequent headaches, magnesium chelates can improve your deficiency in magnesium.

How Magnesium Chelate Works

During the digestive process, the body undergoes natural chelation. It is a binding process allowing minerals, such as magnesium, to improve absorption of the nutrients. However, its nutrients are not efficiently absorbed as it gets exposed to the harsh environment of your gut during the process. With magnesium chelate, the supplement bypasses the digestive process. It allows the nutrient intake to improve and be fully utilized by the body.

Health Benefits of Magnesium Chelate

Although it is better to get magnesium through organic foods, supplements can provide additional nutrients and fill the gap. If your diet falls short of magnesium, you can order magnesium chelate online and increase your daily dosage of the mineral. The health benefits you get from magnesium chelate improves the functions of your body.

  • Healthier Bones

Magnesium is vital to the bone formation of your body. Although most researches focus on the importance of calcium in bone health, a recent study concludes that magnesium gets you higher bone density. It also lowers the risk of osteoporosis for women during the menopausal stage. By adding magnesium chelate to your diet, it can help regulate the levels of Vitamin D and calcium needed to have healthier bones.

  • Lower the Risks of Diabetes

In 2015, a research study concluded the importance of magnesium in controlling glucose and insulin metabolism. The research revealed that individuals with a higher dosage of magnesium in their diet have lower risks of type 2 diabetes. The World Journal of Diabetes stated that individuals with diabetes have low magnesium levels. This mineral plays a crucial role in diabetes management, especially for individuals with insulin resistance. To ensure that you have enough nutrients absorbed in your body, order your magnesium chelate online to increase your magnesium levels.

  • Reduces the Risk of Chronic Disease

A diet with low magnesium levels has a higher risk of exposure to chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Your body needs to maintain healthy muscles, especially your heart. Individuals with magnesium deficiency often experience congestive heart failure that results in worsening their clinical outcomes. To lower the risk of mortality, health care providers use magnesium to treat congestive heart failure. For better absorption of the mineral into your body, order magnesium chelates online to improve your heart’s health condition.

To achieve the optimal amount of daily magnesium intake is a challenge, particularly for individuals that often eat processed foods. For your body to maintain its healthy levels of minerals, nutritional supplements are necessary. By taking magnesium chelate, it can help your body get the right amount of magnesium for it to function.

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